Wildlife in Chikmagalur

Wildlife in Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur is a popular offbeat destination for nature lovers who enjoy wildlife and nature. Nature enthusiasts can explore and spot diverse wild species in the green grasslands and mountains of Chikmagalur. If you consider yourself a nature aficionado, then enjoying a holiday in Chikmagalur amidst the flora and fauna should be on top of your priority list. Exploring the exotic wildlife in the Chikmagalur district is no less an exciting adventure in itself. It is surrounded by dense forests and amazing landscapes which brings tranquillity to both eyes and soul of the beholder.

Get ready to see a great number of migratory birds and wild animals in the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and Kudremukh National Park, the two major spots to enjoy watching wildlife in Chikmagalur.

Places to Enjoy Wildlife in Chikmagalur:

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary:

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary:

Who doesn’t want a quick glimpse of the big cat or the famous hornbill once in their lifetime? The Bhadra Wildlife sanctuary in Chikmagalur district surely can offer you the best wildlife experience along with its tropical surroundings. Surrounded by the hills of Western Ghats, it is located 38 km away from Chikmagalur town. Formerly named as a Jagara Valley, Bhadra Wildlife in Chikmagalur gets its present name from the river Bhadra flowing through the region. It is also a part of the Project Tiger program by the Govt. of India, an attempt to preserve the endangered tigers of the country.

This biodiversity hotspot has more than 300 species of birds, 33 tigers, and other wild animals. Through an open Jeep Safari ride, you will get to spot various wild species like Tiger, Leopard, Sambar Deer, Porcupine, Bush quail, Osprey, Hornbill, King Cobras, Indian Rock Pythons, etc. You can also enjoy a boat safari in the Bhadra River amidst the deep woodland.

Kudremukh National Park:

Kudremukh National Park:

In the highlands of South India, Kudremukh is a paradise for both wildlife enthusiasts and nature admirers. It is known for its scenic beauty amidst the rolling mountain ranges of the Western Ghats. From exploring the animals in their natural habitats to thrilling trekking trails, Kudremukh National Park has everything to offer. Trigger-happy photo shooters will have a great time capturing some awesome clicks of the beautiful terrain.

A trek to Kudremukh National Park is an irresistible call for every thrill-seeker. Get to be in the midst of the rich flora and fauna on your trip to this misty mountain range. There are plenty of wild species to witness in the dense forests of Kudremukh that includes Tiger, Leopard, Wild Dog, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Langoor, Sloth Bear, and many more.

Muthodi Forest:


A part of the large Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Muthodi Forest is a dense jungle in Chikmagalur. It is approximately one hour’s drive from Chikmagalur town. The moist forests and the stunning views all around are a delight to witness. There is a safari plan offered by the Government that will take you on a tour of about an hour through the thick forest in the wilderness. It has less wildlife in comparison to Bhadra Tiger Reservoir; nonetheless, you may sight Wild Cats, Tigers, Buffaloes, Leopards, Monitor Lizards, Deers, Gaurs, Peacocks, and the famous Malabar Giant Squirrel.

Kudremukh National Park:

Dattagiri Hill Range:

Apart from the wild species, if you want to spend time watching the exotic birds of the valley, then Baba Budangiri or the Dattagiri Hill Range is a place you should not miss. It is a scenic area to view and listen to the birds resting and singing. Mullayanagiri Range, being the highest peak of Baba Budangiri attracts tourists as it is a resting place for many migratory birds, which can be seen all around the hills. If you are blessed enough, you could spot the gorgeous Velvet-fronted Nuthatch, Flame-throated Bulbul, Racquet-tailed Drongo, etc. in the rainforests of the verdant valley.

So, what are you waiting for? Spare some time from your daily routine and head to Chikmagalur to take back some long-lasting memories and experiences to cherish! To explore the tourist places in Chikmagalur to the fullest, make sure you visit this place in the right season that starts from October to February. Stay at a resort in Chikmagalur amidst the coffee plantations to make your visit worth remembering!

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Top 4 Waterfalls in Chikmagalur

Top 4 Waterfalls in Chikmagalur

Nestled amidst the Western Ghats, Chikmagalur is popular as the first coffee producer of India. What keeps this place an ultimate tourist place is the amazing treasures that nature had contributed to this coffee town. If you plan a trip to Chikmagalur and want to witness great wonders, then you must include the highest peak Mullayanagiri, chronicled Baba Budangiri, and some attractive waterfalls and ancient temples on your wish list to make this trip unforgettable.

Chikmagalur houses many gorgeous waterfalls amidst the green hills, which are an absolute delight to watch. Rejuvenate your mind once you visit these waterfalls in Chikmagalur, a heavenly feeling to encounter in this pristine town.

Visit the top 4 Famous Waterfalls in Chikmagalur:

Hebbe Falls:

Hebbe Waterfalls is around 82 km away from Nexstay Coffee Grove Resort, Chikmagalur.


As big as 551 ft, Hebbe Falls is a place you would never want to miss on your visit to Chikmagalur. It forms a natural Jacuzzi where you can take a dip and play with the water. Located about 10 km away from Kemmanagundi Hills, Hebbe Waterfalls is the place to go if you want to see the best of nature and beauty. The enchanted waterfall is surrounded by coffee estates and rocky hills, an absolute delight to nature lovers and photographers. No matter whether you go for an off-road four-wheeler ride, or trek the whole way, you will be pleased to witness the sacred foggy view covered by the mystic hills of Western Ghats.

Kallathigiri Falls:

Kallathigiri Waterfalls is around 70 km away from Nexstay Coffee Grove Resort, Chikmagalur.


Known for its religious importance, Kallathigiri or Kalhatti Falls is a perfect destination to spend some quality time. The trek to reach this waterfall is suitable for all kinds of tourists, with stairs making it easy for all. The folklore mentions the presence of Sage Agastya who stayed here for some time. The Veerabhadra Temple is built right beside the waterfall, a monument from the Vijayanagara Kingdom. With an abundance of greenery, you can enjoy the view of the water pouring down from Chandra Drona hill.

Jhari Falls:

Jhari Waterfalls is around 40 km away from Nexstay Coffee Grove Resort, Chikmagalur.


One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Chikmagalur, Jhari Waterfalls is also known as Buttermilk Falls. Guess what could be the reason behind this? The reason is the quality of the water that flows here. Located inside a coffee estate, you have to take a Jeep ride to visit this waterfall. The off-roading ride is short, yet it is more than enough to give you a thrilling, adventurous experience. Unwind the hustle-bustle of the city-life amidst nature while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the Jhari waterfalls.

Shankar Falls:

Shankar Falls is around 10 km away from Nexstay Coffee Grove Resort, Chikmagalur.


A serene place for nature enthusiasts, Shankar Falls is a hidden treasure in the dense forest of the Chikmagalur district. Located deep inside the jungles, you need to trek for about half a mile to reach this majestic waterfall. Needless to say, all you can hear are birds chirping and the sound of water streaming from the hills on your way to this waterfall. Get the chill pill vibe when the freshwater touches your feet. You will find this beautiful waterfall on your way to Sringeri from Chikmagalur.

These natural and manmade wonders have undoubtedly made Chikmagalur a sought-after destination. Pick a time and visit these lovely waterfalls in Chikmagalur for a pleasant vacation.

Quick Tips:

  • To explore the tourist places in Chikmagalur to the fullest, make sure you visit this place in the right season that starts from October to February.
  • Stay at a luxury resort in Chikmagalur amidst the coffee plantations to make your visit worth remembering!

We, at Nexstay Coffee Grove Resort, welcome you to have a comfortable stay at Chikmagalur.

10 Places to Visit in Chikmagalur

10 Places to Visit in Chikmagalur

Known as the Coffee Land of Karnataka, Chikmagalur is a wonderful hill station and a perfect holiday destination. It is a paradise for nature lovers, tourists, and adventure junkies! The city houses various gorgeous waterfalls, historical monuments, dense forests, picturesque landscapes, and coffee estates (well, of course!). It is well-connected via rail and road. The distance from Bangalore to Chikmagalur is around 250 km, which hardly takes 4 to 5 hours of drive. So, get some time off from your busy schedule and head to Chikmagalur for a relaxed weekend. Visit the top tourist places in Chikmagalur situated in the lap of mother nature; fill your tastebud with authentic coffee and the local Malenadu cuisines to make your trip unforgettable.

1. Baba Budangiri (Datta Peetha):


Baba Budangiri is named after a Sufi saint Baba Budan who is said to have brought coffee to India in the 1670s. Witness the beautiful Manikyadhara Falls and the caves on your way to the top while enjoying the cold breezes and birds chirping across the mountain range. Also called Chandra Drona Hill and Datta Peetha, Baba Budangiri is known for its divinity for both Hindu and Muslim communities. People worship Sufi saint Baba Budan and Dattatreya who is believed to be an incarnation of Brahma-Vishnu-Maheswara.

2. Kudremukh National Park:


One of the best tourist spots, Kudremukh is altogether an exceptional place to visit. Located in the Western Ghats, 1800 meters above sea level, Kudremukh is different from the normal forests we see. Trekking through the rocky mountains and waterfalls, you will experience the beautiful landscape of the Chikmagalur district, where tea and coffee plantations are beautifully sowed in the heart of the mountain. The dense forest of the region is home to various species of animals, birds, and herbs.

3. Kemmanagundi:


Blessed with a wonderful landscape, Kemmanagundi gives you the perfect view of the Western Ghats. A trek to the Z point is highly recommended when you travel to this gorgeous hill station. Originally, it was a summer retreat for King Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, who later gave it to the Govt. of Karnataka. Hence, this place is also known as Sri Krishnarajendra Hill Station in his honor. There are various other places to visit in this beautiful hilly region, such as Shanti Falls, Kallathigiri Falls, etc.

4. Mullayanagiri:


Known for its trekking trails, Mullayanagiri is the highest mountain peak of Karnataka. As a part of the Baba Budangiri range, Mullayanagiri welcomes you to witness the magnificent views which can be seen from the top. The cold breeze is enough to give the exotic feeling in the lap of nature. You can pay a visit to the beautiful Shiva temple situated at the top of Mullayanagiri. Devotees choose to trek this mountain to visit the temple and worship Lord Shiva.

5. Manikyadhara Falls:


Out of all the waterfalls, Manikyadhara waterfalls has a separate fan base for its amazing trekking routes. Located at Baba Budangiri, it attracts many tourists with its lush greenery covered with wonderful landscapes; this waterfall is an ideal place for people seeking a peaceful ambiance. The folklore says that in search of water, Baba Budan offered prayers at this place, after which water started flowing from the mountains and took the present form.

6. Hebbe Falls:


One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Chikmagalur, Hebbe waterfalls has a natural Jacuzzi that attracts most of the tourists. Located about 10kms away from Kemmanagundi hill, Hebbe Falls is a go-to picnic spot. Indulge yourself in trekking and camping and get the best possible view of the dense forests and the coffee estates. Another fascinating thing about this waterfall is that it flows in two streams, known as Dodda Hebbe and Chikka Hebbe.

7. Veera Narayana Temple:


Veera Narayana Temple is one of the oldest temples in Karnataka. The beauty of this gem lies in its magnificent architecture of the Hoysala Era, which is almost 1000 years old. It has three shrines of Veera Narayana, Gopal Krishna, and Narasimha, all dedicated to Lord Vishnu. On a sunny day, the morning sunlight falls on Lord Narayana’s statue and illuminates the temple’s Griha, making it an absolute delight to watch.

8. Sringeri Sharada Peetham:


Renowned pilgrimage site, Sringeri Sharada Peetham is the 1st among the four peethams established by Guru Adi Shankaracharya. It is also called the Daksinanmaya Sri Sarada Pitham built near the Tunga River. Although the main attraction is the Sringeri Matt, there are various temples and fascinating places to visit in Sringeri. The Tunga River near the Peetha brings divinity, while the gongs can be heard from afar.

9. Jhari Falls:


With lush greenery, Jhari waterfalls is a great place for relaxation. It is situated at a private property that is only 12 km away from the Baba Budangiri Mountain range. Jhari waterfalls is popularly known as Buttermilk Falls because of the quality of water that flows here. You can swim, play, and relax in the lower pool of the waterfalls and take some beautiful pictures covering the backdrop of the Western Ghats.

10. Coffee Museum:


The Coffee Museum of Chikmagalur is a must-visit place even if you are not a coffee lover. In brief, you can experience the pictorial and short video representation of the origin of coffee in India. The museum has many exhibits that showcase the technology and research involved in the development of coffee to this date. The coffee lab will give you a brief about the equipment and items involved in the production of coffee.

The best time to visit any of these top tourist places in Chikmagalur is between the months of October and February. So, what are you waiting for? Come, visit this beautiful coffee town, and experience the beauty of Chikmagalur!

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