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Chikmagalur, the beautiful coffee town of Karnataka is widely known for its picturesque landscape and coffee. Located in the foothills of Western Ghats, Chikmagalur lies in the Malenadu region of Karnataka. As a tourist destination, Chikmagalur offers you the mesmerizing view of Mother Nature in all its glory, the best coffee, and a completely distinct cuisine to warm your soul. The food of this region is highly influenced by the vegetables and herbs found in the lush green vistas. As one of the oldest surviving cuisines of Karnataka, the Malenadu cuisine in Chikmagalur is famous for its simplicity.

The ingredients for the cuisines in Chikmagalur, whether it is chutney or snacks, or a perfect meal (oota) are grown in the vicinity of the mighty Western Ghats. The staple food is, however, rice and vegetarian dishes, but you will get to feed your stomach with naati style Biryani and meat curry in the restaurants in Chikmagalur.

Have a Look at the Must-Have Cuisines in Chikmagalur:

Sweet Dishes:



Extremely famous in Chikmagalur, Kadubu has religious significance too. It is believed that Lord Ganesha was very fond of Kadubu. Made with rice, coconut, and butter, it is really delicious and can be served with any vegetable curry or chicken curry. These dumplings can also be prepared from seasonal jackfruits.



There are different variations of Obattu, which is basically a sweet flat bread stuffed with coconut gratings, chana dal, kova, dates, jaggery, etc. However, to get the authentic taste of Obattu, you must taste the local variants in Chikmagalur. Experience this delicious item while adding some butter or ghee on it.

Gasagaje Payasa:


Gasagaje Payasa is a simple, yet very healthy dessert prepared in the Kannada household. Prepared with poppy seeds, coconut simmered in milk, jaggery and garnished with cashew nuts and raisins, it is a complimentary sweet creamy dish, which you will get in most restaurants in Chikmagalur.

Authentic Malnad Dishes in Chikmagalur:

Chigli Chutney:


Are you up for trying something different from the usual rice and sambar? Visit Chikmagalur and taste the extremely tangy and spicy Chigli chutney made from red ants. The process starts with hunting the nests, and then the ants are roasted and ground with garlic, chilli, onion, coconut, and other spices. This winter-delicacy is believed to be effective in preventing cough, cold, and pneumonia.

Halasina Kayi Palya:


Jackfruit is an integral part of the Malnad cuisines in Chikmagalur. Gujje Palya or Halasina Kayi Palya is a famous dish made by raw jackfruits, jaggery, grams (urad dal and chana dal), spices, and lastly coriander (to garnish). Enjoy this appetizing side dish with a bowl of hot steamed rice. You can also prepare Halasina Kadubu and Halasina Kayi Happala with jackfruit. Discover and start your experiment in your kitchen today!



As Colocasia leaves are easily available in heavy rainforest regions, you can taste a special cuisine named Kesa, made from Colocasia leaves in Chikmagalur. This healthy food item is highly rich in iron and can be a great complimentary dish in your platter.

Appe Kayi Saaru:


Appe Kayi Saaru, also known as, Mavina Kaye Saaru is a traditional rasam prepared in the coastal region of Karnataka. This popular dish is prepared from seasonal mangoes. It is usually served as a soup; however, you can have it with rice too (if you are a lover of tanginess).



One of the popular cuisines in Chikmagalur, Pathrode is largely an evening snack prepared in both steamed and fried style. The key ingredients that make Pathrode a must-have dish are colocasia leaves, coconut, tamarind, and spices. Have this snack with a strong tea or filter coffee.



This traditional Pongal staple dish has many variations among the south Indian states. Prepared from green grams and carrot, this delicacy has got its name as Carrot salad. Easy to prepare, you can serve this side dish as a part of your dinner and grab some great compliments from your family.

Koli Saaru:


Koli Saaru is a chicken curry prepared in the Malnad region of Karnataka. Made from poppy seeds (a constant ingredient of Malnad cuisine), coconut paste along with the spices, you will be amazed by how different this curry tastes in comparison to normal chicken curry. This classic dish is super spicy and can be served with ragi mudde to roti or rice.

Akki Roti:


Akki Roti is equally popular in all parts of Karnataka as it is in Chikmagalur. However, you will find the difference from one place to the other; the Malnad version of Akki Roti is the most favorite delicacy among the people. The reason is the mouth-watering taste and the distinct texture and the local fresh ingredients that make it unique.


A filter coffee is must when you are in coffee land. Get a classic filter coffee and sit amidst the un-spoilt nature of the sweeping mountain ranges, or inside a coffee resort in Chikmagalur. On your visit, don’t miss these mouth-watering Malnad dishes in Chikmagalur to fill your tummy (and heart too!).

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Visit our luxury resort in Chikmagalur amidst the coffee plantations and make your trip worth remembering!

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